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1101 Main Street, Hingham, MA 02043 | (781) 749 - 0029 | murniehns@comcast.net



Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2019

Call Murnie Leary for information, 781-749-0029



is committed to providing a nurturing environment that fosters the growth and development of each child.


In all that we do, we respect the individuality of children, giving them the gift of time and the tools they need to grow into themselves.



“At Hingham Nursery School, we recognize and celebrate the different successes of each child, but the true gift is realized when the child himself knows, “I did it!” – Jill Carroll


“Positive interactions between children and teachers enable the children to develop socially and emotionally.” – Murnie Leary



“The teachers and staff at Hingham Nursery School foster a caring and nurturing environment that helps each child develop a strong sense of self and an appreciation for what makes them special. My children have developed strong friendships and love going to school each day.” – J. Murphy


“My Mom was right… I AM having fun at school!” – HNS Student






1101 Main Street, Hingham, MA, 02043 | 781-749-0029

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